Friday, 17 May 2013

Go-go Gadget Goals!

Aaargh - goal setting!  This task always has me stumbling.  What do I want to achieve?  Where do I want to be in 3 months time?  The scariest part of all.......looking at my last blog post about goal setting - and realising how many goals I didn't reach.   I guess thats a big red flag right there isn't it.  Why didn't I reach all my goals, what got in the way, what excuses did I use, what can I change to get a better result this time?

I will just take a little moment to recognise the ones I did meet - thats important too, right?
Bingeing on Wednesdays after weigh in - kicked that to the curb!
Ran my first Fun Run - what a buzz!

Did I finish my course - nope.  Did I reach goal weight - nope.  Did I get to wear that backless top - nope. 

Why not?  What stopped me?  A few things, that I'd really rather not admit immediately come to mind.
1 - I didn't keep my goals front and centre in my mind.  I wrote them out, and pretty much never looked at them again.
2 - I didn't have enough strategies in place to ensure my success - I didn't make time in my diary to study - no surprises that it never happened!
3 - I wasn't consistent, and persistent enough to see my plans through to the end.  I lost sight of what I'm really after, and let one bad food choice turn into two, and then four and then - well, here I am back for another round!

Round 2, 2013 - Goals
One Month:
Lose 8kg - weight @ week 4 - 64.6kg
Eat cleanly
Write a blog entry once/week
Finish 2 Interior Design Modules
Three Months:
Weigh 60kg (or less)
Be completed Interior Design Course
Start Personal Training Course
Waist measurement of 80cm or less

I'm onto it.  My committment is sticking up in my kitchen.  I'm printing my goals out and sticking them up too.  I've been afraid to do that before.  Afraid that I'll be judged.  Afraid that I'll fail. 
Suddenly the difficulties I have with this task are becoming very clear! My old 'friends judgement and failure'!

I say - bugger it.  This is my life, my choices, I can't control what other people think, and I'm not going to waste anymore time worrying about it.  I've got goals to go after!


  1. I think goals were the hardest thing for me as well, I didn't really know what I wanted to get out of it.

    But what a great attitude! I saw this quote once: "be whoever you want to be. people are going to judge you, no matter what you do." it's a little negative but I find it very thought-provoking... and relatively true.

    Also that quote in your picture is one of my favourites :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that quote. So true, hope you are smashing whatever your goals are :)