Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

For a teensy moment, I catch myself thinking, 'I don't have any excuses'.  What?  Why am I signed up for another round of 12wbt then?  Hello - regaining 8kg's doesn't happen without some excuses being involved, now does it?

Internal Excuses - here goes:
*I've got too much on my plate, I can't give the attention to myself that I need to to be successful. Response:  Remind myself that I can handle what's on my plate better if I take care of myself.

*I'm never going to be able to get to my goal weight.
Response:  By following the program and being consistent, I will reach my goals.

*I'm eating to cope, because that's how I've always coped, you can't expect me to just change it overnight!
Response:  I can cope in new ways.  I can exercise or read or take a walk or clean something.  Sure it might be hard to make new pathways and habits, but it can be done, and everytime I do it, the road to better coping gets clearer.

*I'm too tired
Response:  Yep, you are tired, but you never regret a workout - you always feel better afterwards.

*It's only one little bit, it won't matter
Response:  All the 'little bits' add up, and count, remind yourself what you really want - the 'little bit', or rocking those size 10 jeans with a backless top?

*I'm bored of these exercises, my body isn't responding anymore
Response:  Change it up for a bit - get some new dvd's, find some workouts on the internet, do things in a different order, or different location.  Try something new and challenging

External Excuses within my control

I really feel like I might have these ones pegged.  Dare I write that?  I really, truly feel that I have overcome any of these that I had.  I would have once said : It's too hot; the kids won't let me; I haven't got time.  I don't use these anymore - I've proven to myself, that they just don't cut it.  If one did sneak in, I know I can exercise inside if the weather is poor; I can involve the kids in something active if I can't get uninterrupted time to train; I have got time - I can make the time if I make the training a priority.

External Excuses outside my control

*Husband is too ill and I can't leave the house.
Response:  Exercise at home - do a dvd, wait until husband and kids have gone to bed, then train

I know so well that the battle is won and lost inside my head.  I plan on listening to my body.  Our bodies are meant to move, meant to be active, meant to huff and puff and feel physically tired, and stiff from am honest days work.  My body likes to move, my body love the feeling of having finished an awesome workout, my body nudges me to workout if I miss a day - I will listen to my body, and give it a daily gift of movement.  As for the chatter in my mind......can I get ear plugs for that?!

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